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Farmer Protests- The Discords in Hindu Society

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  Dr Anuradha Bele My deepest gratitude to all the peasants, and especially to the farmers of Punjab. Babasaheb Dr. B.R. Ambedkar once said that those who don’t know history can’t make history. In the light of this quote, this article aims to understand the history of jats and their current socio religious politics and …


শাসক বর্ণের পরিবর্তনশীল প্রাধান্য ও কৃষক অসন্তোষ


অনসুল কুমার ভাষান্তর- বিধান চন্দ্র দাস “এটা ঐতিহাসিক ভাবে সত্য যে ব্রাহ্মণ সবসময়ই অন্যান্য শ্রেণীদের সহযোগী হয়েছে এবং তারা তাদের তখনই শাসক শ্রেণীর মর্যাদা দিয়েছে, যখন সেই শ্রেণীগুলো তাদের অধীনে থেকে সহযোগিতা করতে রাজি হয়েছে। প্রাচীন এবং মধ্যযুগে এই রকম জোট তারা করত ক্ষত্রিয় অথবা যোদ্ধা শ্রেণীদের সঙ্গে এবং দুজনে মিলে রাজত্ব করত বাকি জনগণের …


The Ruling Caste’s changing priorities and the Farmer Unrest


  Anshul Kumar “History shows that the Brahmin has always had other classes as his allies to whom he was ready to accord the status of a governing class provided they were prepared to work with him in subordinate co-operation. In ancient and medieval times he made such an alliance with the Kshatriyas or the …


Bhagat Singh – whose hero, whose revolutionary?

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  Gurinder Azad Bhagat Singh was a sensitive person. He could speak, from his own location,  on the question of untouchables. He spoke on swaraj. I wonder why no meeting could happen between Babasaheb Ambedkar and him despite both becoming active around the same decade, the 1920s. I think it was because of absolute difference in …


Making sense of the Patel Agitation: Democracy and its discontents

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  Dilip Mandal They are not socially or educationally backward people, not at all. They are not a community on the margins of history, politics or any other social matrix. Rather, they belong to a community which is looked upon with envy by people from other communities in India as they are known to be …


The Hardik Patel Rath Yatra

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Kuffir (Text of his speech at the discussion, Debating Reservation: Rationalities and Social Justice, at the English and Foreign Languages University on 3rd September; a slightly modified talk was delivered on 4th September at the University of Hyderabad)  At UoH Let’s consider the title of this debate: Debating Reservation: Rationalities and Social Justice. Whose perspective …


Bhagana’s Dalits: From struggle for justice to conversion to Islam

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  Bhanwar Meghwanshi For nearly four months they were subjected to social boycott, economic blockade and mental torture. They were not allowed to fill water from public taps, they couldn’t use the common space for defecation in the village, the only non-Dalit doctor had stopped their treatment, and they could not use the village land …


The representation gap

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  Christophe Jaffrelot, Gilles Verniers Decline in number of OBC MPs shows that the classic tropes of backward class politics — quotas and simple descriptive representation — no longer work. The 2014 Lok Sabha elections produced an assembly where many voices can hardly be heard. The representation of Muslims, for instance, is at a historical …


Another Khairlanji: Rajasthan’s Nagaur district is the new dalit slaughterhouse

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  Bhanwar Meghwanshi and Janani Sridharan The following is a detailed account of the happenings leading to and on the 14th of May 2015 at village Dangawas, describing an attack by the powerful Jats on dalits – murdering 4 of them by the use of tractors, molesting their women, seriously injuring several others and setting …