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Why We Oppose Arvind Kejriwal & Anna Hazare


Why We Oppose Arvind Kejriwal (Anna Hazare) in JNU –Students Against Anna Team [A few days ago, Arvind Kejriwal, leader of the Jan Lokpal movement and also a mentor of some anti-reservation outfits, faced some tough questions from students at JNU when he tried to address a gathering there. As expected, none of the mainstream …


Janlokpal bill: a brahmanic and patriarchal script


  Anu Ramdas The Jan Lokpal bill is under 35 pages. The creators of this document successfully manufactured a ‘revolution’ out of this. The corporate media sold it as such, and some academics called it a ‘movement’. Media and academia largely did not comment on the contents of the document. Their preoccupation was with the …