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Commemoration of 140th Birth Anniversary of Periyar E V Ramasamy in California

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  Ambedkar King Study Circle  Progressive organizations in San Francisco bay area had come together to commemorate the 140th birth anniversary of Periyar E.V Ramasamy in Cupertino, California, USA on Sep 22, Saturday. Around 80 people with families and kids attended the program to remember the legendary social reformer Periyar. Dr Vaa Geetha, who addressed …


Pandit Iyothee Thass and the Revival of Tamil Buddhism

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  Bala J We may say that great minds think alike when two scholars who lived in two different times and places reach a similar conclusion on the same problem. The traditionally educated nineteenth century Tamil scholar, Pandit Iyothee Thass as well as the twentieth century western educated intellectual from Maharashtra, Babasaheb Ambedkar, embraced Buddhism …

Dalitbahujan Renaissance

Iyothee Thass – Founder of the Sakya Buddhist Society


 Iyothee Thass or Pandit C. Ayodhya Dasa (Tamil: ?????????) (May 20, 1845–1914) was a practitioner of Siddha medicine who is regarded as a pioneer of the Dravidian Movement.Born on 20 May 1845, Thass’s original name was Kaathavarayan. His grandfather has served as a butler to Lord Arlington. Kaathavarayan gained expertise in Tamil literature, philosophy, Siddha …