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Bride Buying in Haryana – A Case Study

krishna gupta

Krishna Gupta  In places like Ferozpur Namak Village in Nuh Tehsil (Haryana) where this case study was conducted, it is impossible to find a local mate for each man with the kind of skewed sex ratios prevalent. Decades of unchecked sex-selective abortions have made the once fertile state of Haryana suffer a drought of brides, …


Democracy from an Economic Perspective: Overcoming Challenges through the Constitution

adv mahendra jadhav1

    Adv. Mahendra Jadhav Abstract For ages, India has been a collection of numerous castes, classes, religions and, races which are exclusive in nature with no common or shared experience of love, care and harmony. Given this fact, we have to analyze the implementation of the Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy provided …


Cartoons, Caste and Epistemic Violence (Part 2)


Nilesh Kumar [This is the second part of his article on caste and epistemic violence. The first part explored how the Ambedkar cartoon in the NCERT text book was a metaphor for epistemic violence. Here, he tries to explain how the cartoon is just one more illustration of how entrenched violence is in academia; one …


Concerns of the Aam Aadmi

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Speech made by Dr. Bhalchandra Mungekar, Member Rajya Sabha, on annual Budget 2011-12 Mr. Dy. Chairman Sir, I rise to support the Budget 2011-12. Sir, I congratulate the Finance Minister for presenting an inclusive, growth-oriented and balanced Budget. Sir, Budget is not only a mechanism of allocation of resources, but also an instrument of income …