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Caste is pervasive and even so during disaster


ICDA Team ICDA’s team finds Caste Discrimination Rampant in Distribution of Relief The coastal districts including Cuddalore have been severely affected by the recent floods following an unprecedented level of heavy rains. Though everyone has been affected, it was found that the Dalits were more affected, NGO accounts, newspaper reports and reports by social activists …


Gokulraj: Victim of Planned, Coldblooded Honour Killing

gokulraj student

  Intellectual Circle for Dalit Action (Tamil Nadu, Pondichery) Dalit Youth Gokulraj was a Victim of Meticulously Planned Coldblooded Honour Killing Fact finding report reveals the possibilities of such execution Demands impartial probe by CBI The 23 –year-old Dalit youth Gokul Raj of Omalur is a victim of cold blooded caste honour killing. A fact …