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Caste atrocity in CSSS: Can the savarna apologize?

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  Georgy Kuruvilla Roy While the debate between Huma Dar and Partha Chatterjee over the past week has been enriching and enlightening; the point of this article however, is to show as Klemen Sarkoja sings “the structure of the joke is that this so called progressive intellectual, in order to score his small narcissistic point, …


Fast For Freedom: For Kashmiri Political Prisoners & Martyrs

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  Fast For Freedom: Return Our Political Prisoners, Return Our Martyrs’ Remains [via Huma Dar] For us, Azadi [independence] means not just to get rid of the foreign occupation of our beloved motherland but also to remove hunger, poverty, ignorance and disease, and to overcome economic and social deprivation [i.e., class and caste inequities]. One …


Of Power and Privilege: Faultlines in Upper-Caste/Class Indian Feminism

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  Huma Dar material to be analyzed (1): upper-caste/class feminists have claimed that only the victims/survivors of sexual assault at an upper-caste “workplace” — the uc middle- to upper-class being implicit here — have the right to “feel confident that they themselves will have the right to control the pace of the follow-up, and also …