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Deifying the Migrant Mother and Kolkata’s erasure of Caste

aatika singh

Aatika Singh Pallab Bhowmick, an artist, has come up with the concept of portraying Goddess Durga as a migrant mother for this year’s Durga Pujo in Kolkata’s Barisha club. The finely carved and aesthetically beautiful sculpture is being widely applauded for its progressive form and thought. However, this particular theme showcasing a migrant woman laborer …


Story of Khudei

thongam bipin

  Thongam Bipin Khudei is traditionally a Meetei word for a piece of cloth which the Meetei men wear around their waists. It is worn on various occasions: when he is at home, sometimes at a family feast and other specific occasions. It carries value and culture and signifies a particular lifestyle. It also indicates …