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Ambedkar’s Landmark Essay on the Essential Principles and Unique Features of the Hindu Social Order

Shivashish Shanker Most of the parts of ‘Annihilation of Caste’ that Ambedkar talks of, especially the part where he talks of the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity, and the concept of graded inequality, come from his writings on Hindu social order. It is divided into two parts: Essential Principles and Unique Features. Hence, it …


Dr Ambedkar’s contribution to the history of thought


Chanchal Kumar Since I don’t have anything to pass off as an introduction, I would prefer to plunge straightaway to the topic at hand. The fact that Dr Ambedkar studied and mastered so many different fields of knowledge, from something as diverse as Economics and Law, not only proves his extraordinary commitment and love to …

Dr. Ambedkar

‘We Are On the Scene Again’: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

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  BAHISHKRIT BHARAT (Untouchable India) _____________________________________________________________________________________ Sunday, dated 3rd April, 1927 _____________________________________________________________________________________ We Are On the Scene Again                 This writer had started a fortnightly newspaper called “Mook-Nayak” (leader of the dumb) on 31st January, 1920. there he had stated in the first issue itself that there is no more effective means than the newspaper …


Indian Ethical Thought And Its Discontents: Shenanigans Of The Great International Shashi Tharoor

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  Umar Nizarudeen I am also surprised at the praise for this book from a sensible social science scholar like Neera Chandhoke, in another review. Caste-blind scholarship which draws a quick distinction between Hinduism and Hindutva is forcing the Congress of Rahul Gandhi to own Hinduism, as a strategy to bring the Congress back to …


Dr. B.R. Ambedkar – From Denunciation of the Vedas to the Negation of Karl Marx and Surrender to Nāstika Buddhism

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Dr Aniruddha Babar “Buddha would never allow violence, but the communists do. No doubt the communists get quick results because when you adopt the means of annihilating a man, they do not remain to oppose you. Humanity does not only want economic values, it also wants spiritual values to be retained. Permanent communist dictatorship has …


Why did Dr Ambedkar choose Buddhism?

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Kamna Sagar To answer this question, in this article I will expound on B. R. Ambedkar’s (1891-1956) early life and social and political exercises, including his adolescence and schooling, reasons for his battle for equivalent rights, his involvement in legislative issues, his support for the privileges of the unapproachable individuals, actually majority rules system for …


Hindu Fraudulence

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  Vir Pratap Singh Gautam Humans haven’t learnt anything from the pandemic in the world, or it might be better to say, Indians have not. Everything that we see on this earth is practically impermanent and no one has the boon of eternity, yet we fail to acknowledge that the world belongs equally to others …


RSS’s Hogwash on Ambedkar

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N. Sukumar and Shailaja Menon (The following article is in response to Arun Anand’s (CEO of Indraprastha Vishwa Samvad Kendra, an RSS affiliate) write-up in The Print (online 14th April 2020). We sent a mail on the same day to contest the false claims but there has been no response a week later.) In the …