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A vote for justice in Idukki

gomathi election

G Gomathi Dear Friends, I am contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections which is to be held on 23rd April 2019 from the Idukki constituency. In the current political scenario, we realise more and more the significance of Dr B R Ambedkar’s political vision that until and unless the ex-untouchables get political power, the exclusion …


Why do you beg for land? This is where you were born, this land belongs to you

gomathy augustine 1

  Gomathi Augustine Background: Gomathi, founding leader of Pombillai Orumai and ward member of Devikulam Block, speaks at Chalo Thiruvananthapuram inauguration at Chengara Agitation on 29th January 2017. Pombillai Orumai is a Union of Dalit Women laborers of Kannan Devan Hills Plantation formed in the later months of 2015 during the historic agitation for the …