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Caste atrocity in CSSS: Can the savarna apologize?

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  Georgy Kuruvilla Roy While the debate between Huma Dar and Partha Chatterjee over the past week has been enriching and enlightening; the point of this article however, is to show as Klemen Sarkoja sings “the structure of the joke is that this so called progressive intellectual, in order to score his small narcissistic point, …


Remembering Babasaheb: Ambedkar Jayanti Celebrations At CSSSC

csssc ekalavya

  On 23rd April, 2014 1.00 pm onwards at CSSSC campus, Baishnabghata Patuli, Kolkata This April 14 is the first time that Government of India declared a national holiday to mark Babasaheb’s birth anniversary. This act must be seen not only in the context of the elections underway in the country but also as part …


Asur Utsav, not Durga Puja

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  “It is an Utsav, Not Puja”: Asur Utsav, Mulnibasi Culture and Challenges to Brahminical Hegemony Georgy Kuruvilla Roy and Samata Biswas (For Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes) The social media is rife with allegations and counter allegations regarding the casteist, brahminical, Hindu and/or secular nature of Durga Puja. Mainstream Bengali media have chosen to …


Death and detention in Nonadanga: the Chotalok under Bhadralok hegemony

georgy kuruvilla roy

  Suicide of Uttam Mondal and Arrest of Shuma Mondal: The Dalit Protest in Nonadanga Georgy Kuruvilla Roy (For Dalit Camera Through Un-Touchable Eyes) It’s a given that if a casteist government is at the helm of affairs, Dalits are bound to suffer the most, and if they were to protest this casteism, they would …