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Birth based work: Slavery imposed by faith

madhab ruidas

  Madhab Ruidas Faith plays a vital role in Indian society, It is so deep rooted and dominant that the sense of a class society has been violated, in almost every regional or non-regional sphere of the unorganised working sector. The unorganised worker’s world is divided into various parts, due to their birth based, caste …


Countering the Demon in ‘Good over Evil’


  Shefali Coming across barbaric ways of celebrating Holi by flinging semen filled water balloons over women in the national capital in the name of infamous phrase, ‘bura na mano holi hai’ (don’t mind, it’s Holi), I felt, for the first time, a genuine aversion against the euphoria of Holi celebrations across the subcontinent. Keeping …


Bahujan Quest for Education and Saraswati Puja

roshan pradhan

  Roshan Padhan Education for the masses in general, and for the children of marginalised sections of society in particular, is something which was not simply provided by some God. Today if we are getting the benefit of education it is only because of the hard fought battle of anti-caste philosophers, starting from Buddha to …


Why am I celebrating Diwali and Dusshera?

vikas bagde

  Vikas Bagde Tihar is one of the most dazzling festivals of the Nepali people. Tihar is also known as Deepawali in the Terai region and falls during the month of October-November. This festival is celebrated for five days, beginning from the 13th day of the waning moon in October-November. In this festival, people worship …