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COVID-19: Fallacies about Social Distancing

istikhar and lochan

Istikhar & Lochan India is a myth-dominant country. Different phases of life: birth, marriage, diseases, death go through the prism of myths portraying true colours of this country. These myths tend to be deadlier than a disease. Similar is the conditioning of social distancing in the times of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Although the virus was …


In the name of fear: Deconstructing dominant discourse of Left in JNU

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  Akash Sulochana Here I wish to deconstruct the ‘Narrative of fear’ used as a part of the dominant discourse of left in JNU as a part of their political propaganda: a. If you do not vote for us, ABVP will come.b. If you vote for BAPSA, the vote will be split, and ABVP will …


Beyond and Inside Inner Line Permit (ILP) in Manipur: Some Perspective

thongam bipin

  Thongam Bipin The Inner Line Permit (ILP) is seen and perceived as a shield from every form of exploitation in most parts of Northeast India. And particularly in the ongoing valley-Meetei led demand for its implementation in Manipur. ‘Outsiders’ are seen as responsible for all forms of exploitation – cultural, social and economic et …