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‘They couldn’t stand us!’: Fact Finding Report On Dalit Family set afire in Haryana village

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  They couldn’t stand us!1 Fact Finding Report On Dalit Family set afire in Village Sunpedh, Ballabgarh, District Faridabad, Haryana  Written by  NDMJ-NCDHR Fact Finding Team  Adv. Mangla Verma – HRLN  Ms.Tanvi, Programme Officer– HRLN  Mr. Rajesh Kumar – Haryana State Coordinator NDMJ – NCDHR  Adv. Balwant Singh – NDMJ-NCDHR  Ms. Abirami – National Programme Coordinator, NDMJ NCDHR …


Child murdering caste society

sunpedh burnt house

  Anu Ramdas The murder of children is a monstrosity. Children are the default protected community; constructs such as race, gender, ethnicity, caste, linguistic or regional identity cannot come in the way of their protected status. Children are persons who immediately command the full commitment of adults to ensure that they are at all times …