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Typing Out on the Keyboard: A Colonial Spectre or Failure of the Indian Nation-State

vinod kumar

Vinod Kumar I was writing something down, jotting down my thoughts about a certain incident, or perhaps, it was merely a random idea; it was a feeling I wanted to note down soon after having my breakfast. In the middle of recording my thoughts in English, I felt the urgent need to write a few …


Politics of English education – Oppressed have always been put on the back foot


Nilesh Gourkhede  The NEP 2020 puts forth a new vision for Indian education which promises to transform Indian education landscape for the 21st century. With regards to the medium of instructions, the policy provisions that, “wherever possible, the medium of instruction until at least Grade 5, but preferably till Grade 8 and beyond, will be …


‘Merit’ is Constructed via Coaching Centres: Anoop Kumar

anoop japan

  Anoop Kumar This is the transcript of his speech at the Fourth International Dr. Ambedkar Convention 2018, at the Matsumoto Juchiro & Dr. B. R. Ambedkar International Convention, Japan, in October 2018. It was transcribed by Vinay Shende. Thank you very much. Jai Bhim and Good Morning to All. My name is Anoop and …


Constitutional Linguistic Justice against Hindi/Sanskrit Supremacy


  Vivek Babu Union of India’s Lingua-Franca Debate: An Introduction to Linguistic Justice Regime    In recent decades, the European Union that emulated “Unity in Diversity” motto similar to Union of India1, had motivated and facilitated Francqui Prize laureate Philippe Van Parijs —a Belgian Political Philosopher & Economist and a key proponent of Basic Income …


Vernacular for Dalit-Bahujans and English for Upper Class/Caste: A Socio-Political Conspiracy

Dr. Y. Srinivasa Rao

  Dr. Y. Srinivasa Rao Quite often the hypocritical Political leaders keep invoking the Vernacular to point out how the newly entered English language has been wrecking havoc on the local languages. But ironically, they and their fellow caste and class people have been reaping the benefits, locally, nationally and globally since the entry of …