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Why am I afraid of English?

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Durga Hole Recently, I was reading an academic paper ‘The Culture Industry Enlightenment as a Mass Deception’ by Adorno Theodor Horkheimer. The words were familiar to me but I was not able to understand the meaning of the sentences. I could not follow the flow of the language because I was stuck on individual words. …


Politics of English education – Oppressed have always been put on the back foot


Nilesh Gourkhede  The NEP 2020 puts forth a new vision for Indian education which promises to transform Indian education landscape for the 21st century. With regards to the medium of instructions, the policy provisions that, “wherever possible, the medium of instruction until at least Grade 5, but preferably till Grade 8 and beyond, will be …


Ideology of English

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  Kuffir Nalgundwar It isn’t about the English language. It is about what the votaries of English medium education, primarily in government schools in India [want]. It is already there in private schools. There are very few private regional language schools left. Just looking at the stats also, now there are nearly 1.5 million schools …


The English Mantra

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Kuffir   (This is a collection of Facebook updates from the author from the year 2017, critical of  India’s obsession with English, not education, as a liberation mantra to the point of absurdity)   Two hundred years of English education doesn’t seem to have brought any change in the value systems of the Brahmins.   …


Constitutional Linguistic Justice against Hindi/Sanskrit Supremacy


  Vivek Babu Union of India’s Lingua-Franca Debate: An Introduction to Linguistic Justice Regime    In recent decades, the European Union that emulated “Unity in Diversity” motto similar to Union of India1, had motivated and facilitated Francqui Prize laureate Philippe Van Parijs —a Belgian Political Philosopher & Economist and a key proponent of Basic Income …


Vernacular for Dalit-Bahujans and English for Upper Class/Caste: A Socio-Political Conspiracy

Dr. Y. Srinivasa Rao

  Dr. Y. Srinivasa Rao Quite often the hypocritical Political leaders keep invoking the Vernacular to point out how the newly entered English language has been wrecking havoc on the local languages. But ironically, they and their fellow caste and class people have been reaping the benefits, locally, nationally and globally since the entry of …