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Electoral Bonds: A Saga of Political Corruption in India

Ankur Kumar Damon Keith postulated that “Democracy dies in darkness”; this saying later became very well known and also the tagline of US based Washington Post newspaper. It’s an irony that two institutions i.e. mass media and political parties, that are supposed to be the pillars of democracy are proving to be its  finest adversaries. …


All Ambedkarites of Vidarbha unite and support Atul Khobragade’s Election

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  Dipankar Devesh Kamble History of Ambedkarite Politics. The Ambedkarite politics of India had been a deciding factor in the electoral system. When Dr. Ambedkar established Independent Labour Party it proved as a potential counter to the then Indian National Congress in the Bombay Legislative Assembly. The Scheduled Caste Federation and Republican Party of India also …


Dalit Revolution and Hindutva Counter Revolution in Indian Politics

hindutva hourglass

  Dr. N. Sukumar [The author mailed this article to The Hindu newspaper in order to continue the dialogue on the Dalit Movement as the argument first appeared in this paper. Unfortunately, even after forty eight hours, there was no response from the paper. Obviously, only ‘certain’ ideas are entertained as ‘meritorious’ by our ‘progressive’ …


Scripting change


‘As a writer I can’t help being objective about myself or the workings of caste’ P.Sivakami.  ( This interview was published in The Hindu in August 2009) Subash Jeyan She stands at the confluence of many personal interests and currents in contemporary public life. One of the pioneers of Dalit writing in Tamil, she published …