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An excerpt from What must we do to be free? On the building of Liberated Zones

ed whitfield

Ed Whitfield  In an increasingly complex world, that cannot be fully comprehended, there is a need to seek out and develop clear explanations that go to the roots of our problems and propose realistic solutions.  This stands opposed to simplistic, uninformed, and highly subjective views that are popular in casual discourse and social media. And …


National Coalition on SCP TSP condemns PMO for blocking Dalit Adivasi Budget Bill

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  National Coalition on SCP TSP Legislation condemns the Prime Minster’s Office for deliberately blocking the Dalit Adivasi Budget Bill [Via Beena J Pallical] The national coalition on SCP TSP Legislation (NACSTL) strongly condemns the PMO’s blocking the Bill from being placed in the Cabinet and on to the Parliament. It is engaging in delay …