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TISS Student Politics: Duality of Position and Stand

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  Deepak Kumar Nanda The foremost question in the current TISS Students’ Union 2019-20 elections in Mumbai campus  should have been: what happened to the promise of ‘snatching away’ of the fee waiver of the Government of India Post-Matric Scholarship students in Hostel and Dining Hall? Especially, since the very same group—which promised to fight …


Atrocities on Dalits and Rights to Self Defence

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  Deepak Kumar The Indian Constitution envisaged the words of Buddha, “war is not the solution”, in its text and other legislative provisions. The Indian Constitution in Part IV makes the provision to maintain international peace and security[1]. The individual is a subject in national as well as international law and the individuals enjoy rights …


Why Upper Caste Hindus & Muslims Cannot Become Sweepers

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  Deepak Kumar In Gujarat, on the 25th of June 2016, an NGO called ‘Human Development and Research Centre’ (HDRC) attempted to problematize and eradicate the social stigma on the untouchables who work as sweepers. But this initiative was welcomed with stone-throwing by the so-called upper castes1. This is the real face of Hinduism and …