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December 6th: Ambedkar – Babri Masjid Demolition and Dalit

Praveen tulasi

  Praveen Tulasi This write up is in response to a facebook debate which popped up after Manikanta a BAPSA activist posted the below picture. Image: Debate, Depiction and Disturbance   Excerpts from the Debate: While Zeeshan Hussain commented that ‘good no. Dalits and Muslims are getting united slowly. lets keep the memory alive. lets …


6th December: Glimpses of a revolution that changed millions of lives

yogesh new

  Yogesh Maitreya 6th December every year means a lot to Dalits all over the world, many of whom have converted to Buddhism as well. Some of them are also a part of the Indian diaspora abroad and are forming a struggle against caste from their host countries. This day has significant importance in their …