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Real Daughters of India

dr sujata athawale

  Daisy Katta An interview with Dr. Sujata Vishwasrao Athawale, Professor and Dalit Activist, Amravati, Vidarbha, Maharashtra.  Dr. Sujata Vishwasrao Athawale is a Dalit women’s rights activist who has been working with rural Vidarbha’s Dalit, Adivasi, Nomadic and Denotified Tribal and Muslim women for the last two decades. On the occasion of International Woman’s Day, …


“Entire deleted sky”: Launch of Vaibhav Chhaya’s first book of poetry

deleted sky 1

  Yogesh Maitreya & Daisy Katta  28/07/2014 “Delete Kelel Saarr Aakash” (Entire deleted sky) – the Facebook page of this Marathi poetry book has been constantly providing news about its launch. Those who regularly followed Vaibhav Chhaya and his poetry for long on Facebook have been eagerly waiting for to see his poetry on paper. Finally, on …


Penning Rebellion

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  A brief note on Dalit literary movements in Maharashtra Daisy Katta Revolutions are stirred on paper and are born out of pens and inks. Revolutionary movement categorically uproots the very being of an accepted thought and tries to negate, challenge, eradicate social evils, thus creating an atmosphere of non-conformity. Literature is a vehicle for …