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Unshakeable conscience of the so-called most conscious Indian citizens


  Dharmaraj Kumar  Two recent incidents of crime should have shaken the nerve of the conscience of the Indian citizen, but they failed to do so. In the first incident a girl named Sanjali, returning from school was allegedly caught by some men and burnt alive in broad daylight. As it is clear that the …


Question Collectors and SPs about Atrocities

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  Vaibhav Chhaya The recent rise in the atrocity cases has been most disturbing, and alarming. Casteism is crossing all its earlier limits, and is now a malignant tumour. To counter this, we must strengthen the atrocity law. And to strengthen the atrocity law must be one of our most urgent priorities. We have little …


Living in a Barbaric Nation

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  Harish S. Wankhede We have adjectives like barbaric, heinous and violent in our regular usage. Are these modern civilized terms? No, these terms are related to the textual demonic medieval mythic orchestra that demonstrates the inhumane avatar of ‘non-humans/aliens’ who are blood thirsty and eat human flesh. A ‘barbaric’ ruler is one who is …