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Travails of Caste in the Corporate Sector

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  The Guilty Warrior After a long hiatus, I am writing something. I work in the Indian Corporate Sector in a fairly decent global multinational corporation (MNC). I work at a leadership level. This sector is supposed to be of people of integrity, secularism, respect for other cultures, diversity etc. It all sounds good on …


Bloody untouchable: Stories of an assertive Ambedkarite Dalit – Part 2

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  Sanjay Patil So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you.~ Dr. B. R. Ambedkar I was truly humbled by the response my last RTI article elicited. I will not be lying if I say that I had written many articles …


Open letter to Shri UT Khader, Health Minister, Karnataka

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    Sylvia Karpagam   Dear Sir,   It is good to see that you are very active and busy with many meetings and inauguration ceremonies. You get lots of attention from media and from all the places you visit. You have a nice smile too which you flash generously wherever you go. You also speak …


Caste isn’t efficient or capable


Kuffir Aakar Patel explains why Brahmins and Vaishyas dominate India’s corporate boardrooms: My view has long been that these are our only two capable castes. It is largely from merit that they dominate. Pitted against such sheer unabashed racism, the arguments of the Sangh Parivar ideologue Gurumurthy, who has long been an advocate of caste …