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The Ashis Nandy Controversy: Inside the Mind of One ‘Intolerant’ Dalit

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  Anoop Kumar Vaibhav Diwakar Ghadge, a post-graduate from TISS (Mumbai), got married on 20th January, 2013. Two days later, he left his village Kulakajai in Maharashtra’s Satara district, along with his wife, to visit a nearby temple. On the way, the couple got waylaid and was brutally assaulted, robbed, molested and then thrown down …


NCERT book blanks out Ambedkar’s role as the Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee

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Chandra Bhan Prasad Are Dalits turning intolerant? Are they emotional and scornful to reason? These are some of the questions the mainstream media asked, following the controversy over publication of an Ambedkar cartoon in an NCERT book. In the process, a new stereotype on Dalits may have been created. The authors of the NCERT book, …