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Transcending Thiruvananthapuram

  Umar Nizar Nearing Thiruvananthapuram, the road bends, entering the city, as a vein enters the heart. The bus moves along the curve with its load of human destinies. People nap inside, in the secure snugness of their seats. For those who are awake, it seems like an age. The tarmac is slipping away under …


The beauty of the farmers’ protest

vinod kumar

  Vinod Kumar Early afternoon hours, say about 12ish and I was being driven through the Singhu border, the site of the present farmers’ protest in India. Makeshift tenements on both sides of the road, tents, kitchens, trucks and tractors converted into shelters. Farmers and their families moving around. Young boys, athletic and fit-built, holding …


Love in the Times of ‘Caste Killings’


  Purnachandra Naik Review of the novel ‘Pyre‘ by Perumal Murugan Title: Pyre Author: Perumal Murugan Translator: Aniruddhan Vasudevan Publisher: Penguin Books India Pages: 200 Price: 399 rupees In a society yet to wake up from the deep slumber of caste practices, love across caste lines is a formidable “crime”. In a society yet to …