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The myth of ‘Departmental Politics’


   Deepali Salve Ever since I got into university for higher education, one word that I have constantly heard is “politics”. As I did not face casteism/exploitation till my graduation, I was far away from experiencing what casteism exactly is! There was an illusion in my mind as a child that teachers engaged in beating …


The God: Clashing Visions of the Jews and Brahmins


    Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd The Idea of The God The idea of God even in the twenty first century rules the global human mind more than the state, and the constitutional laws. There is also fear and reverence of God more than just the idea of God. Though rationalism, secularism and liberalism emerged as a …


Pariyerum Perumal: On the caste reality of South Tamil Nadu

Deivendra Kumar A

  Deivendra Kumar A Indian cinema, born under the clutches of imperialism, had undoubtedly maintained the space or difference between the elites and the marginalised. In recent years, the audience as well as the cinema industry have made a gradual but apparent shift in the screen space for sharing the voice of the voiceless in …


Chicken soup for the bahujan soul- A few words to the students


Chanchal Kumar   I will start with an anecdote: I used to share a flat with a Brahmin and other savarnas when I first moved to Delhi from my home in Jharkhand. And I remember them poking fun at the surnames of those from adivasi backgrounds. I used to join in the activity, not knowing …


Travails of Caste in the Corporate Sector

indians firstly lastly

  The Guilty Warrior After a long hiatus, I am writing something. I work in the Indian Corporate Sector in a fairly decent global multinational corporation (MNC). I work at a leadership level. This sector is supposed to be of people of integrity, secularism, respect for other cultures, diversity etc. It all sounds good on …