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Kachanatham: In the Shadows of Caste

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  Bobby Kunhu Another massacre that happened in Kachanatham, Sivagangai district, Tamil Nadu has gone virtually unnoticed in the shadow of the terrible massacre at Thoothukudi on 22nd May. Outside the local English and regional media almost no one picked up this cruel story – and the reasons must be obvious. Apart from the higher …


The Ashis Nandy Controversy: Inside the Mind of One ‘Intolerant’ Dalit

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  Anoop Kumar Vaibhav Diwakar Ghadge, a post-graduate from TISS (Mumbai), got married on 20th January, 2013. Two days later, he left his village Kulakajai in Maharashtra’s Satara district, along with his wife, to visit a nearby temple. On the way, the couple got waylaid and was brutally assaulted, robbed, molested and then thrown down …