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Casteless Academe, Name-calling Dalits? Part 2


Anu Ramdas Continued from here.  ‘But you came with a mind as large as the sky to my pocket size house
I thought you had ripped out all those caste things
You came bridging the chasm that divides us
Truly, friend I was really happy
With the naïve devotion of Shabari I arranged the food on your plate
But the …


Casteless Academe, Name-calling Dalits?


Anu Ramdas Adivasi, dalit and lower shudra women are more often co-workers in the fields, kilns, mines, factories and neighborhoods than co-learners and professionals in institutions and organizations. The reverse is true for women belonging to upper castes. Majority of women are caught in manual occupations and only a tiny section of women get to …