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The Cost of a Poor Brahmin: Notes from History

n shobhana

  Nidhin Donald E.A.H Blunt in his book The Caste System of Northern India spends an entire chapter on how castes governed themselves in everyday lives. Based on the U.P. Census Report of 1911, he describes the functions and forms of punishments instituted by jaati panchayats. Blunt points out that feeding the brahmin or paying …


The Cunning Casteism of The Brahmin - Ravi Shankar Etteth

priyadarshini ohol

  Priyadarshini Ohol An invite came over my feed the other day. “Please join us to celebrate the release of ‘THE BRAHMIN” a novel by Ravi Shankar Etteth over canapes, cocktails and Kalaripayattu on Wednesday 10th May 2018, 7 pm.” I’m horrified. The text goes on to mention this brahmin celebration is going to be …


Hatred in the belly: Interrogating Internalised Prejudices and Supremacy


  Kavita Bhanot [Excerpts from the talks given at SOAS and Manchester launch of Hatred in the belly: The politics behind the appropriation of Dr Ambedkar’s writings] For some years now, I’ve been thinking, talking about white supremacy, the ways in which it is present and normalised in every aspect of our lives in the …


Decoding the Spirit of Castes: A review of Pokala Lakshmi Narasu’s ‘A Study of Caste’

lakshmi narasu study of caste1

  Nidhin Shobhana This book review can be divided into three sections. The first part would briefly try to situate the book and the author in the social and political contexts of Colonial South India (esp. Madras Presidency) in early twentieth century. The second part would discuss the major arguments in the book1. The final …