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Ambedkarites have to help other Bahujans, irrespective of caste: Shashikant Humane

humanesir maam

   (SAVARI and Round Table India are doing a series to put together the Bahujan perspective on the Coronavirus pandemic) Shashikant Humane Anuradha Bele: Dear Kaka, thank you for taking the time for the interview with RTI. We look to seniors like you to give us guidance about how young bahujans can channel their energies …


Knowledge and Power: A Discourse for Transformation

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  Braj Ranjan Mani is the author of Debrahmanising History: Dominance and Resistance in Indian Society (2005). His latest major work is Knowledge and Power: A Discourse for Transformation (2014). Mani is a maverick non-institutional scholar, and he writes on a range of sociocultural issues from the perspective of the marginalized.  In Knowledge and Power, …