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Reverberation of COVID19 and ‘essential service’ workers

daulat covid19

  Daulat Siraswal (SAVARI and Round Table India are doing a series to put together the Bahujan perspective on the Coronavirus pandemic) Pradnya: Jai Bhim Daulat, How do you look at the pandemic and the ongoing lockdown?  Daulat: Jai Bheem, Corona (covid19) is currently widespread in the world. We cannot deny the fact that in India, although …


Global Buddhist Congregation-2019


  Pradnya Jadhav Global Buddhist Congregation, 2019 is a Mega-Conference with the noble motive of spreading the teachings of the Lord Buddha on mindfulness, compassion and peace. It is being organised under the guidance of All India Bhikkhu Sangha, in the historical city of Aurangabad, Maharashtra. And it is being blessed by the auspicious presence of …


‘Ambedkarite Artist Kadubai’, A Documentary film – Promo Release

Kadubai docu

  Name of the Film – Ambedkarite Artist KadubaiDirector – Omey AnandArt/Creative Head – Aniket MohiteResearch Head – Prashant Usha VijaykumarDOP – Omileelansh and AbhishekLight – Sagar Pakale Kadubai Kharat is Dalit folk artist who lives in Aurangabad, Maharastra. She sings songs of Babasaheb in various Dalit localities in Aurangabad and runs her family. Kadubai …


The battle against caste isn’t just some ideology, it’s our existence

gaurav somwanshi

  Gaurav Somwanshi I have spent most of my twenty four years in Aurangabad. I studied in a convent school where my friends were a mixed group from all castes and communities.Though we never felt it back then, and it’s only in retrospect that I am saying this, but we were all growing up differently. …


Long March Against Dalit Atrocities in Maharashtra

pune start

  Sunil Dudhe This year marks the 75th anniversary of the publication of the book ‘Annihilation of Caste’ by Dr. Ambedkar. Dr. Ambedkar fought with perseverance till his death against the caste system in Indian society. For this cause he incorporated the ideals of democracy, freedom, equality and brotherhood as fundamental principles in the constitution. …