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Faltering of Imagination of an Indian Marxist Intellectual

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  Ashok Yadav The eminent Marxist economist and intellectual Ashok Mitra, who is reputed to take a view different from the official left line, has penned an article titled- For the Nation’s Sake- The Congress Deserves To Give Itself A Second Chance– that appeared on December 05, 2013, in The Telegraph newspaper from Kolkata. The …


4.5 Percent OBC Religious Minority Sub-quota: A Disservice To Secular Nationalism


  Ashok Yadav 01. Overwhelming majority of population who have been discriminated against and oppressed on the basis of their caste identity since time immemorial and the history of bloody religious conflicts before, during and after independence in 1947 make social justice and secularism the two pillars on which the entire democratic structure of our …