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Justice Karnan: A man caught up in the whirlwind of ideals

dharma raj kumar

  Dharmaraj Kumar I have been thinking of whether to write something to pursue the so-called ‘curious case of Justice Karnan’- the title that flooded the mainstream media and finally brought Justice Karnan behind bars. So many articles, editorials, cover stories, social media reports etc., have been published in mainstream newspapers, magazines, research magazines and …


The curious case of Indian psychoanalysis


 Umar Nizar  Marxism has been critiqued variously for its occasional elitism and casteism. But the Freudian establishment in India, a flourishing one at that, has escaped criticism. Ashis Nandy, has so far been Indian psychoanalysis’ fall guy. He has managed to create controversies in virtually every public platform that was given to him. His antics …


Beyond the Fairy Tales of India

Braj R Mani

  Braj Ranjan Mani There is little awareness about a more or less institutionalised arrangement of normalising, if not glorifying, the oppressive past from which the privileged continue to derive profit and pleasure. Invented histories, myth-making, and armoury of stereotypes merge to create convenient narratives and myths which masquerade as the history of India. The …


The Ashis Nandy Controversy: Inside the Mind of One ‘Intolerant’ Dalit

anoop fotu

  Anoop Kumar Vaibhav Diwakar Ghadge, a post-graduate from TISS (Mumbai), got married on 20th January, 2013. Two days later, he left his village Kulakajai in Maharashtra’s Satara district, along with his wife, to visit a nearby temple. On the way, the couple got waylaid and was brutally assaulted, robbed, molested and then thrown down …


The question of casteism still remains

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  K. Satyanarayana The controversy around Ashis Nandy’s casual remarks at the Jaipur Literature Festival did not address a number of important questions of public concern. The frenzied ‘Save Nandy’ campaign that followed has actually foreclosed any productive discussion. His supporters have been trying to explain and contextualise Professor Nandy’s flippant remarks through references to …