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Caste pride or Caste wall pride is not necessary at all: Pa Ranjith on Santhaiyur wall

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  Dalit Camera: Through Un-Touchable Eyes The is the transcript of the speech delivered by Pa Ranjith in Thenmalaiyaandi foothills, where Arundhathiyars are protesting against the Santhairur wall.The video was recorded by Neethemaan, Aathi Thamizhar Katchi.  “Why does this keep happening? We don’t know if it keeps happening openly right in front of us, but …


What Bihar means for Dalit parties and their narrow vision

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  Ravi Chandran The Bihar election is a blow to the ruling BJP and the Hindutva parties associated with it. It should further upset those who came with the exit poll results, including the CSDS. The media, especially the English press and electronic media should be ashamed of talking against the alliance of RJD, JD …