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For a fistful of self-respect: Organised secular and religious ideologies and emancipatory struggles

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Round Table India We are happy to announce the first of a series of conversations between participants and stakeholders in emancipatory struggles of Annihilation of Caste and Racial Inequality.  Dates: 9/29/17 and 9/30/17. Location: Jackson, Mississippi. As members of marginalized communities involved in historic struggles of Racial equality and Annihilation of Caste, this is an …


The Dravidian movement

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  Gail Omvedt “So many movements have failed. In Tamil Nadu there was a movement in the name of anti-Brahmanism under the leadership of Periyar. It attracted Dalits, but after 30 years of power, the Dalits understand that they are as badly-off – or worse-off – as they were under the Brahmans. Under Dravidian rule, …