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Sahitya Samrat Annabhau Sathe International Short Film Festival (SAIFF)

Nilesh Khandale  Tukaram Bhaurao Sathe, affectionately known as Sahitya Samrat Annabhau Sathe (1920-1969), was a prominent Indian Marathi writer, poet, and social activist who made enduring contributions to Marathi literature. Born into a Dalit family in Maharashtra, he witnessed the social and economic disparities prevalent in society. Annabhau Sathe is renowned for his prolific literary …


Two Paths, One Destination: Annabhau Sathe’s Artistic Revolution in Ambedkar’s Shadow

 Dr Aniruddha Babar ‘Our journey toward justice is relentless, for it is a journey toward a more humane world.’ ~ Annabhau Sathe In the annals of Indian social and political discourse, the names of Annabhau Sathe and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar loom large, casting a profound and lasting influence on the nation’s relentless pursuit of social …