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Buddhist Outlook on Gender Identities as a Delusion

dr amritpal kaur

Dr Amritpal Kaur Identities are culturally located historical formations, open to reinterpretation and dispute. They are culturally, socially and psychologically constructed delusions that tend to reinforce a state of emotionalism on the human self. Nationality, religion, class, caste, race, gender and all are intrinsically responsible for defining the boundaries of human identity. Most of the …


Flowers on the Grave of Caste by Yogesh Maitreya


  Nikhil Sanjay-Rekha Adsule The hands  Confined  To pull Dead carcasses,  Started to write  And, and  They wrote poems  Beautiful stories  Of their lives.                     – Yogesh Maitreya, ‘The Bridge of Migration’ The above lines by the poet-writer Yogesh Maitreya, themselves mark an assertion of a new …