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Ambedkar was for ‘(Pra)Buddh Bharat’, not ‘Hindu Bharat’

sanjeev kumar

Ambedkar was for ‘(Pra)Buddh Bharat’, not ‘Hindu Bharat: What if all dalit-Bahujans of India embrace Buddhism! Sanjeev Kumar On 14th April, 2016, Rohith Vemula’s mother and brother embraced Buddhism. This of course is a major intervention in the ongoing dalit discourse on identity, nationalism, discrimination, caste and religion at large. To respond/appropriate this discourse, Ram Madhav …


Art and Ambedkarism: A Conversation with Sambhaji Bhagat

yogesh new

Yogesh Maitreya Somewhere in 2012, back in Nagpur, I had read an article on Sambhaji Bhagat, poet, balladeer and a rebellious playwright from Maharashtra. He is also a vigorous Ambedkarite activist, in his own words, “main Babasaheb ka baccha hu” (‘I am the descendent of Babasaheb’). While living in Nagpur I had hardly heard of …