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75 years ago: Ambedkar joins as Viceroy’s Executive Labour Member

bombay sentinel 75 years

  Syamasundar Unnamati It was an epoch-making event in the history of modern India when Dr. Ambedkar joined the British Viceroy’s Executive Council as Labour Member on 20th July 1942. Dr. Ambedkar truly represented the working class all his life. Once, in his childhood, he even wanted to become a mill worker. In the words …


Stigmatizing Dalits, From the Wadas to the Web

nilesh 2

  Nilesh Kumar My father was fortunate that there was a Government press just next to his work place. Once a presswala got to know that my father is an ardent reader of Ambedkarite literature. He started delivering Ambedkarite literature to him. When we had all this voluminous literature available at home, my father insisted …