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Demolition of “Ambedkar Bhavan”: Historical Facts and Current Controversy!

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  Amar Khade  On 25-06-2016, some parts of Ambedkar Bhavan situated in Dadar area of Mumbai were demolished by the current Trustees of the “The People’s Improvement Trust”. The said structure is under the control of “The People’s Improvement Trust”. In Maharashtra, the political movement among the Ambedkarites is fractured and has many factions. And …


The Ambedkar Bhavan Issue

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  Vaibhav Wasnik “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal forthe government but illegal for the citizenry” ~ Thomas Jefferson Recently, an issue that has hit at the very crux of Ambedkarite consciousness across Maharashtra (and parts of India) has been the destruction of Ambedkar Bhavan located at Dadar. This has resulted in a …


Aren’t Babasaheb’s Dreams Higher than a 17 Floor Ambedkar Bhavan?

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Dr Nilratan Shende  The current Trustees and Adviser of People’s Improvement Trust (PIT)  have demolished Ambedkar Bhavan on 25th June 2016. This unfortunate demolition has also wrecked the glorious historical prominence associated with it. However, the demolition has not gone down well with the followers of Babasaheb and it was followed by agitations. Trustees and heirs …