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JNU student leader resigns from AISF, CPI

jayant jigyasu

  Jayant Jigyasu Resignation from the Primary Membership of AISF and CPI, and renunciation of the post of Secretary-JNU Unit Sudhakar Reddy ji,General Secretary,Communist Party of India. Dear comradeRed Salute! The foundation of our organisation AISF and the Communist Party of India are based on certain core values and people-centric policies. It is our fundamental …


The Confession: Experiencing JNU

kshirod nag

  Kshirod Nag I joined JNU as an M.A. student of Sociology in the year 2008. I didn’t have any idea about ‘caste’, ‘class’, ‘gender’ ‘social change’, ‘revolution’, ‘Ambekarism’, ‘Marxism’, ‘Maoism’ or any other ‘ISM’ for that matter, except Gandhism and Hinduism (as if in India, one has a birthright to know these two isms). …