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Casteism in City Colleges and Classrooms

aarushi punia

Aarushi Punia It is a common myth perpetrated by upper caste faculty, students, politicians, and media that caste superiority and casteism is exercised amongst uneducated people in the villages, and not amongst the educated in urban and academic spaces. The myth of city colleges and classrooms being caste-free stems from the unidentifiability of the conventional …


What ails Indian Health System?

jas kehal

  Dr Jas Simran Singh Kehal The theme of World Health Day 2019 is Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere. On the 40th anniversary of Alma Ata Declaration, which declared health a human right for all, each United Nations country, including India signed the Astana Declaration in 2018. It endorsed the critical role of primary health …


Institutional Discrimination in Academic Agrahara

bansidhar deep 1

  Bansidhar Deep “When equality is denied everything is denied. There is no equality in M.Phil/Ph.D admission, there is no equality in viva-voce, there is only denial of equality, denying prof. SukhadeoThorat recommendation, denying students protest places in Ad-block, denying the education of the marginals.”~ Muthukrishnan’s (Rajni Krish) last FB post. Caste system in India …


Caste discrimination in Institutions of Higher Learning: Lessons unlearnt

wesly kumar 1

Wesly Kumar Even though the Indian constitution has many safeguards and provisions, the Dalits are still being discriminated against, and excluded in the universities. The Protection of Civil Rights Act, 1955, and the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989, prescribe punishments for crimes against Dalits that are much more stringent than corresponding offences under the …


Camouflaged Homicides

camouflaged homicides

  Bobby Kunhu “My Birth is My Fatal Accident” Rohith Vemula As a law student I was obsessive about Section 309 of the Indian Penal Code which defines attempt to commit suicide as a crime and prescribes a punishment of up to one year along with fine. I believed that the section was unconstitutional and …