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Why Upper Caste Hindus & Muslims Cannot Become Sweepers

deepak kumar 1.0

  Deepak Kumar In Gujarat, on the 25th of June 2016, an NGO called ‘Human Development and Research Centre’ (HDRC) attempted to problematize and eradicate the social stigma on the untouchables who work as sweepers. But this initiative was welcomed with stone-throwing by the so-called upper castes1. This is the real face of Hinduism and …


On regressive ideas and Idea’s ads

sanket garud

  Anitya Sanket With the coming of android phones, we have witnessed many creative offers from companies inviting people to use their internet networks and packages. The competing companies have made sure they stay in the race by offering people high-speed internet which is better than others’ and at competitive prices as well. Idea has …


The nauseating language politics of the Indian state

right to education

  Kuffir Feel hotFeel a nausea stirring in my stomachFeel like I am listening to Sanskrit Slokas ~ Madduri Nagesh Babu, in ‘A Rakshasa’s proclamation’.  You might think the ruling classes want all Indians to speak Hindi, to impose Hindi on everyone. That is not the idea, they want to impose the fear of imposition …