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Aren’t Babasaheb’s Dreams Higher than a 17 Floor Ambedkar Bhavan?

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Dr Nilratan Shende  The current Trustees and Adviser of People’s Improvement Trust (PIT)  have demolished Ambedkar Bhavan on 25th June 2016. This unfortunate demolition has also wrecked the glorious historical prominence associated with it. However, the demolition has not gone down well with the followers of Babasaheb and it was followed by agitations. Trustees and heirs …


Dalits and Adivasis will plan their own development: Paul Divakar

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  Asha Kowtal interviewed Paul Divakar, Convenor of the National Coalition on SCP/TSP Legislation (Special Component Plan for the Scheduled Castes and the Tribal Sub-Plan for the Scheduled Tribes) about the SCP/TSP Bill, a few weeks ago. The text of the interview is featured below the video. {youtube}Yn7W3nPNEnE{/youtube}  Asha Kowtal: Jai Bhim Paul. Thank you …