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The six things Aakar Patel learnt in NGOs remind you of four things

karthik navayan 2

  Dr. B Karthik Navayan I have bigger things to say about Aakar Patel and Amnesty International India, but my dispute with them is sub judice before the court. Therefore, I am waiting for the court to decide. I will write about it after the court decision. Without mentioning the issue that is sub judice …


Caste isn’t efficient or capable


Kuffir Aakar Patel explains why Brahmins and Vaishyas dominate India’s corporate boardrooms: My view has long been that these are our only two capable castes. It is largely from merit that they dominate. Pitted against such sheer unabashed racism, the arguments of the Sangh Parivar ideologue Gurumurthy, who has long been an advocate of caste …