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The incompatibility of RSS-BJP’s agenda with the idea of India: A Zero Hour prognosis

salman farissi

Salman Farissi In 2019, when BJP won with a bigger majority than ever before, the minorities of the country, especially religious minorities, were not only disappointed but deeply distressed. While they pondered their prospects, followers of the hardcore right-wing, sycophants of Hindutva ideology, were celebrating and contemplating making their idea of Hindu-Rashtra a reality. Before …


Pasmanda Community Asserts: Demands Lok Sabha Ticket for Ali Anwar from Madhubani

Ali Anwar Madhubani

  Abhijit Anand A wave of simmering anger can be felt among the Pasmanda community members. This anger is more prominently visible in Bihar where the social justice parties have completely ignored the community in Lok Sabha ticket distribution. A petition started on 23rd March by sociologist Khalid Anis Ansari was being shared enthusiastically …


Requiem for a dream: Upcoming 2019 election and the making of an Indian Empire

nirbhay ray

  Nirban Ray As the 2019 parliamentary election of India is coming near, the idea of India at the same time is becoming more precious. The supposed to be organically antagonistic, oppositional forces – BJP and Congress, the major players of the game of electoral democracy, is coming as it always had been, to a …