Dr. Ambedkar

The Problem of The Rupee: Its Origin And Its Solution (History of Indian Currency & Banking)

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THE PROBLEM OF THE RUPEE: ITS ORIGIN AND ITS SOLUTION (HISTORY OF INDIAN CURRENCY & BANKING) _____________________________________________________________________________________ B. R. AMBEDKAR Sometime Professor of Political Economy at the Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics, Bombay. LONDON P. S. KING & SON, LTD. ORCHARD HOUSE, 2 & 4 GREAT SMITH STREET WESTMINSTER 1923 DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY …


Hellhole hostels

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Adi Dravidar students in Chennai bring the city to a halt to highlight the abysmal conditions in their hostels.Students residing in government-run Adi Dravidar hostels block the arterial Anna Salai in Chennai on December 21. The blockade continued for more than four hours.