A Long Overdue Love Letter to Millennial Savarna MBAs & their Technobabble

ravikant kisana

Ravikant Kisana A Long Overdue Love Letter to the Mediocrity of the Millennial Savarna MBAs & their Feckless Technobabble There was a time in the early 2000s when tired of decades of stagnant economic growth, claustrophobic wholesale markets and bureaucratic sarkaari offices staffed with unambitious professionals of legendary inefficiency—the savarna middle class in India wholeheartedly …


‘Begumpura Productions’

Dear friends, Jai Bhim. I’m excited to share about this new journey and the beginning of our ‘Begumpura Productions’- a space we’re creating to tell our stories. I have spent the last six years working in this elite field of documentary filmmaking with few resources, less privilege and zero caste capital. Very often, young, eager …


The Unbearable Savarnaness of Sunak-Love!

Bobby Kunhu “Nothing succeeds like success.” ~ Alexandre Dumas Bigotry is fueled by hatred informed through ignorance and misinformation. Xenophobic celebration over Rishi Sunak’s appointment as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is not limited to the Hindutva right wing, but spans across Indian Savarna population and Pakistan too. Addressing the simpler, stupider and …