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Delhi Protests and the Caste Hindu Paradigm: Of Sacred and Paraded Bodies

delhi rape protests

  Madhuri Xalxo I am a bit shaken by what outrages the mainstream media on rape. The incident is horrifying and yet so very familiar to us dalit, bahujan and adivasi women. In the same Delhi, hundreds of adivasi girls are taken as domestic slaves and get raped, and go missing. Why doesn’t the mainstream …


On Yanadis, committed activism and a successful land struggle


  Karthik Navayan   I don’t know Whether it is athiesm or animism But I am the Adi Dalit Who first excommunicated Brahmanvad. — from the Telugu poem ‘Yanadonni‘ by G.V. Ratnakar. ~~~ In 2006, Thupakula Munemma, a Yanadi tribeswoman in Nellore district, received a parcel from the local Revenue Divisional Officer through post. Munemma …