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The Manufactured Mandate and the Collective Shame of 2014

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  N. Sukumar and Shailaja Menon While driving past the Delhi police headquarters we happened to see a huge mural of Gandhi on the building walls when it suddenly struck us that the ideology which assassinated Gandhi is now controlling the national imagination. One may have differences with Gandhi’s beliefs but when political murder is …


Road To Conversion: The Chakwada Detour


Dr. Udit Raj (First published in October 2002) Hindutva organisations are outraged over conversions, and their outrage prevents them from entering into negotiations with Muslim and Christian leaders. But have they ever bothered to understand the plight of Dalits? Dalits and backwards consider themselves Hindus, but Hinduism does not respond to them; otherwise, there would …


Nationalists versus people of India?

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Chandra Bhan Prasad  (First published in October 2001) My Dalit scholar friend HL Dushad keeps coming up with ideas. This time he suggested, “The ultra-nationalist forces, the Left parivar and the Sangh should dissolve into their original Varna identities. That way, the people of India could fight them.” I asked, “Just what has got you …