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The Politics of Civilizing the Savage: British Colonialism and Anthropology

jitendra suna

  Jitendra Suna In the primary phase of colonialism, Edward Tuite Dalton’s work Descriptive Ethnology of Bengal, played a crucial role in the incorporation of upper caste elite in the colonial structure while excluding the vast majority of the population including Adivasi, Dalit and lower castes. It also portrayed the Adivasi and lower castes as …


भारत में महिला राजनीति पर जातिवाद का कितना प्रभाव

sweta yadav

  Sweta Yadav  भारत विभिन्ताओं का देश है| तरह-तरह की बोलियाँ अलग-अलग संस्कृतियाँ, जाति, धर्म सम्प्रदाय में बंटा हुआ देश | जिसके बारे में किसी ने सही ही कहा है “कोस -कोस पर बदले पानी चार कोस पर वाणी|” जाति भारत का वास्तविक सच है जिसे अनदेखा करके भारत की कल्पना बेमानी है| भारत में …


Presenting Angela Davis, the Savarna Style


  Sukanya Shantha On Friday, a friend and I walked into a movie hall to watch an American romantic musical, La La Land. Enticed by the cinematic beauty and the dreamy two hours spent in the cinema hall, I walked out feeling empathetic towards actor Ryan Gosling’s character Sebastian, a white American, who among several …


I Will Not Die a Victim, I Want to Live as a Leader~ Manisha Mashaal

manisha mashaal

  Manisha Mashaal Today, when I see myself as a national leader fighting a battle against caste tyranny, when I speak about changing the oppressive system, when I’m completely engaged with the reality of the ground level, there is only one thing that my heart screams for, that is justice! Whatever happens now, we must …


Max Mueller Bhavan’s Sleep Walk: White-Brahmin Collaborative Gaze

akshay pathak

  Akshay Pathak The deeply uneven relationship between the oppressors who forcefully define, speak on behalf of and claim to represent and those they oppress, is a function of power. Art can pose a major challenge to such power, but often in the hands of the oppressor, art serves as a tool for the perpetuation …


We have cleansed our eyes and tongues: On diasporic denials and revisionism


  Sinthujan Varatharajah He sat down in the crammed living room of a flat in a low-income suburb in Toronto, Canada. Every weekend he would travel to the other end of the city to enter the 12th floor of a high rise complex in the immigrant area. He would arrive at 11 AM and sit …