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Protests for Rohith Vemula at Harvard India Conference

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  Protests for Rohith Vemula at Harvard India ConferenceDemands Made for Prosecution of Culprits; Indian Consulate Intervenes Ambedkar Association of North America (AANA) February 8, 2016, Cambridge, MA. “Did you know India is home to the world’s oldest surviving system of discrimination? Do you know how many Dalits (formerly untouchables), Tribals, and ‘Backward’ castes are …


Death of Merit or Merit of Death

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  T. Sowjanya “I came here through reservations and I sustain myself through the political solidarity of my dalit community!” is my firm answer to questions such as “Are you a dalit?” “Do you belong to category?” “Do you have any reservation?” These are the questions any dalit invariably faces one time or the other at …


In soldarity with Manipur tribals

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  On 08 September 2015, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) Students’ Union in collaboration with Manipur Tribal students from TISS, Mumbai has organised condolence service for the victims of Churachandpur incident in Manipur whose innocent lives were taken away by the State brutality. The condolence service was held at main campus gate of TISS, …


Manipur tribals demand ‘Separate Administration’

Slain body of a protestor shot by the Manipur police

  Manipur Tribals Forum (Delhi) 1. On 31 August, 2015, the Manipur Assembly passed three bills following sustained protests in the Manipur valley districts demanding the implementation of Inner Line Permit (ILP) system for the State. The three bills, taken together, will directly undermine the existing safeguards for the tribal ‘hill areas’ regarding land-ownership and …


The United Savarnas of Odisha


  Students’ Federation for Social Justice The BJP, Congress and the civil society (mainly the bar council of Odisha high court) of the state have displayed unprecedented solidarity and demanded action against Mr. Satish K. Gajbhiye, an upright Dalit police officer. Such deep conviction they share for their state, such is their patriotism that they …